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Hello, potentially dead comm -- Let's get active... over in some other comms. :titter:

Hello, folks.

It's been awhile since I've updated. I have some fic-exchanges that I'm busy busy writing, so I've been trying to focus on that. But I have to say that the slythindor100 comm is blowing up! Several excellent fics over there. If you haven't checked it out, please do so -- you won't be disappointed!

Also, I've taken over maintainer duties at two communities:




hpdrabble_dares is a dead community at the moment; the last post was july 2006, I think. I must say, I like the concept of the group, which is why I offered to take over when the original maintainers said they no longer had the time to do so. Basically, there's weekly dares, be it a pairing or a prompt or whatever, and you write/draw it. So, for instance, one challenge was a "Crookshanks" challenge... and there were three excellent responses! Another was a Fred/Cedric/George challenge and physixxx ended up writing a funny and sexy three-parter. redcandle17 responded to a Cedric/Viktor dare with gusto with "Warm Welcome"!!! Not to mention the Porn Haiku!!!!!!!! <-- hello? i'm SO not kidding!

So much potential in that community. Go check it out! Read some of the challenges and responses to get a feel for the comm, as I'm gonna keep it roughly the same. Plus, I've re-done the banner and lay-out and some side banners and I'm kinda proud of 'em. I'm going to re-start challenges in March, and even have monthly prizes of some sort to the participants (challengers and responders).

As far as harry_submits, I think that comm is relatively okay for now. I think I might do some fic exchanges or something or maybe even something called 'IDENTITY CRISIS', whereby writers will draw a request and artists will write one. I think there was something similar done last year... or maybe the year before, I forget. I want to do something that makes it more than just a 'hey, I wrote a fic and I'm x-posting it everywhere', you know what I mean? Any suggestions would be wonderful, of course.

But, in the meantime, yeah.... hpdrabble_dares wants you!
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