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I just found this community and wanted to introduce myself. I've been in HP fandom since the publication of GoF. I was at Nimbus and Lumos and was fortunate enough to be a presenter at both. I'm definitely headed to Prophecy this summer and am trying to finalize a proposal before the February 1 deadline! (Unfortunately, work schedules prevent me from going to Phoenix Rising or Sectus.)

My interests in HP fandom hit a couple of different areas. I enjoy both writing and reading fanfic, with a preference for gen or m/m slash. I also like exploring the educational uses of HP, though I haven't done nearly as much of that as I would like. Most of the time, though, I tend to lurk and just soak up as much HP-related stuff as I can. These days, the fandom has grown so large that the sheer volume of great stuff that's being produced is mind-boggling.

I was particularly excited to find this community, because in my experience, the vast majority of HP fandom (or at least my little slice of it) is female -- though that may have something to do with the fact that I gravitate towards slash and slash-friendly stuff. Anyway, I like the idea of seeing what a community of fanboys can do. Can't wait to see what happens.
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