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Shameless Self-Promotion

Hi!  Thanks toemmagrant01,who, when she found out I wasn't female recommended this community.

Since I saw a few posts requesting stories, I thought I would let you know that my page is chock full of them.  Be warned, my OTP is Harry/Ron, and all of my stories reflect that.  I have three multi-chapter stories, and a wide range of one-shots (more than a few with sequels).  Each story is rated for content.  I just didn't want to be tranferring so many of them over here, so feel free to stop at hedwigs_bane and check them out!  Thanks.

Major P.S.: All the links for the stories are at the top of the page.  The one-shots are in order, and should be read that way so you don't stumble onto a sequel before you read the original story.   If it's confusing, I'm sorry, but I am happy to offer guidance. 
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