★★ Gabriel Artisan ★★ (house_illrepute) wrote in hpfanboys,
★★ Gabriel Artisan ★★

Is this comm dead???

Say it ain't so!!!!

We need more boy!support in the HP fandom!!!

Ich heisse Brandon! Ich bin 29 Jahre alt und ich mag Harry Potter slash!!!

I am gay... a Dj... I'm writing some stuff now, hoping to start posting soon! I don't particularly like smut, but I do like gen-like fics where the slash content is incidental moreso than the focus. Kinda like what that Ian Anon dude was doing before he dropped off the face of fandom.

Other than that, I don't really have an OTP in particular. I like it all if it's done well. I'm more plot-oriented anyway.

So, if anyone has any good multi-chaptered fics that focus on plot, send 'em my way!

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